Saturday, December 4, 2010

On December 11th we will be holding a toy drive at the shop.I will be starting at noon.It will be a first come first served type deal.I will have a list and will work my way down that list until everyone has received a tattoo and the shop is empty.In order for you to get a tattoo done you must bring a nice toy or a bunch of canned food and 20 bucks.The tattoos that I will be doing will come straight off a big sheet of flash I recently painted for this occasion unless you have a small design you want to get that is ready to get tattooed.I will not be drawing anything the day of so if you have something questionable please get ahold of me as soon as possible and we can discuss it further.These tattoos will be small but you will get more than your moneys worth I promise and its for a good cause.If you dont want to get tattooed but have some stuff you would like to donate then come on down we welcome everyone to stop by and show some support.This is for one day only and there will not be any exceptions made if you miss it.Thanks for your support throughout the year and I hope to see everyone there.

Monday, November 8, 2010

I did this as a drawing for a possible tattoo on Vince another local tattooer.Then it turned into one my favorite paintings I have done and have been happy with.I learned alot from doing this rose and it will and has already changed they way I am now and will continue to tattoo.Things click every once in a while.Hopefully he likes it

2 sessions complete

After doing tattoos on Alex for the last the 5 years on his other arm he decided to go ahead sleeve his left.He has always giving me the ideas and let me run with it.I did all the black and grey in all the bad spots last sitting and he did great.Hopefully a person or someone like him will start getting a back piece very soon

Little buddy

I tried some new stuff that I had been working with on paper the last few months with this last sitting.Its nice to have the freedom and trust of the person getting tattooed.Restrictions create errors

Very close

One more sitting and it should be done.I always look forward to working on this tattoo and its going to be one thats weird to finish and be done with but Im looking forward to our next project.

Monday, October 11, 2010

This tattoo has one more session to go and will be complete.Another person that I was very happy to work with.I have been very fortunate with the people getting the larger tattoos this year.Lots of freedom.Thanks
I have been starting a few large rib pieces on some people lately and have been pretty lucky so far with the people getting them.They have given me the ideas and have let me run with it and make it work with how I tattoo.I should have an update on this one very soon
This is a tattoo I very hesitant about doing.I wasnt sure how to make it work and with the help of a few friends and alot of sketches this is what came about and once everyone agreed it was a go.Im sure if he has his way it will be done very soon.
I finally got to do a rooster and it worked out well as a sleeve.This was talked about for a long time and Im very excited to get back on this tattoo and get it finished
This tattoo is almost finished.Hopefully one more session and it will be done.She has been great so far and sits as good or better than anyone I have tattooed which always makes me look forward to working on it.
This is a tattoo I recently started on a lady while in vegas for a recent tattoo trip.Her request was that I do her arm and my reply was fine as long as its 3/4 Japanese and she was into it.I really like 3/4 sleeves on ladies and really enjoy having the freedom that she gave me with her arm so far.

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